My son is dating a gay kid

This identity-shift seems much more like a product of being influenced by these new friends, and not actually who he is—how do we communicate this with him?

My Son Is Being Bullied for Being Gay - This Morning

What should I do? LaShay Harvey, M. How do I seem inviting and excited about their relationship while still establishing ground rules about PDA and no sleeping in the same room, etc.?

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Continuing the Conversation: What signs should I be looking for, and how can I help him? Drawing on her experience facilitating a Gender and Sexuality Alliance GSA at a West Philadelphia school, social worker Anna Krieger speaks about the kind of bullying that can often go unnoticed and escape accountability. I wish there were more items related to bisexuality in the merch store.

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So, is there anyone in particular who has caught your eye or your heart? I reassured myself that even if he did write a question about being gay, he was already out to all of his friends, and only 20 children in a middle school of hundreds would get a chance to actually ask their question.

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The odds he would be picked seemed small. Later, when he told me about the experience, I was simultaneously bursting with pride and shaking with fear. He was, too, and consequently has no memory of the hour or so that followed including Ms. The feedback was initially all positive. Teachers, parents and peers spoke of his bravery. But it has not all been a woke sitcom in the year since he asked his question. These words cut Oliver deeply. Kimmel later apologized.

There are harsh slurs. And there is the constant, casual assumption that Oliver has a girlfriend. Increasing societal acceptance has led to more children coming out at younger ages, but developmentally, young adolescence is a unique time for peer influence. Coming out is associated with improved mental health for L. Many children — gay or straight — are bullied in middle school and high school. But L. What happens at this developmental time is more likely to have a lasting effect, and not just for the gay kids, but also for their bullies.

Middle school adolescents who engage in homophobic name-calling , some research indicates, are more likely to engage in sexual harassment in high school. Bullies, it seems, may cut their teeth on gay kids. It is possible to change things. Studies tell us that schools that have a Gay Straight Alliance and other policies aimed at fostering a safer environment for L.

Our seven-year-old son told us he was gay

Working to make things better for gay kids helps all kids. It is our job to create the best possible environment for L. While Oliver and his peers work to make their school a more welcoming place for gay youth, some Trump administration policies, like the ban on transgender individuals in the military , have confirmed fears that Oliver shared with Ms. The newly created Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, an oversight entity within the Department of Health and Human Services, could lead to denial of health care services for L.

It is not surprising to me, then, that there are reports of increased bullying of L. I also suspect that it is not limited to youth. Legalizing prejudice and intolerance comes with ugly consequences. Oliver has been pressing me for some time to write about his experiences and his advocacy. I have wondered if he is too young — he is not quite 15 now — and yet I was 16 when I first jumped onto my speed bike and rode to picket in support of the first free-standing abortion clinic in my hometown.

I have also been impressed with the amazing teenagers and children who have spoken publicly about the ravages of gun violence. I just want the air around me to be friendly.