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Having the support of your friends, colleagues and spiritual community can fill in the gaps when your family is not supportive. Accept their sexual orientation without experiencing discomfort. If one or both partners feels uncomfortable with their same sexuality, that discomfort can keep the relationship from maturing into the joyful union it ought to be.

Understanding what the Bible does and does not say about homosexuality makes a huge difference in becoming comfortable with yourselves and your life as a partnered couple.

A New Study on Gay Relationships Identifies 4 Factors That Help Couples Last Longer

The hundreds of pages of information on this website provides helpful insight. Never take each other for granted because God brought you together for a purpose. Life has a way of challenging the strongest relationships. Make it your priority to carve out time together as a couple to love, laugh, pray, serve and enjoy life together. Great relationships are the product of intention, not serendipity. Great relationships require work and nurture and prayer and time and trust. That's another way of saying, commitment. Guard against gay and lesbian relationship pitfalls. Many gay men struggle with intimacy issues.

If they were sexually promiscuous prior to getting partnered, they may have learned to associate their sexuality with anonymous sex. That false association can sabotage a happily partnered sexual life. Recognizing this pitfall and paying special attention to meeting each others sexual needs can help to re-orient thinking so that a fulfilling sexual life is associated with loving your partner and only your partner.

Some gay men experience difficulty getting close to another man because the closeness sometimes becomes a competition. Some gay men struggle with power issues while others feel they must act "gay" even when acting "gay" whatever that means isn't their natural demeanor. The objective is to live an honest, holistic, Godly life based on Biblical principles of faith, trust, integrity, commitment, loyalty, joy and sacrificial love. What is the purpose of committed gay relationships?

Did you know that gay marriage is as old as history?

Did you know Jesus healed the sick partner of a gay Centurion? Did you know there are some gay couples in the Bible? We've answered the question: Can you give some practical advice about gay relationships? Click here to return to Gay Christian Home Page. Click here to add your own comments. Return to Ask A Question. Apr 15, Sometimes it's so confusing by: Kevin S.

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Wow, what I didn't know about a relationship with a man at 55 years old when I came out as gay , was a lot. I' d never had a romantic or sexual relationship with a man prior to then. All I knew was relating to a woman in that regard. I never thought myself to be gay, so the subject was never a consideration. However, I've learned how very different a relating with a man is, compared to a woman. But, I didn't know that until my first male relationship. Oh, he was a wonderful man; smart, masculine, handsome, rich, and 19 years younger.

He sounds perfect right?

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Well, in someways he was. But he was also a dominate, strong-willed, powerful, financially independent and a successful Latin Spaniard. Very quickly I realized the competitive nature of men.

The need to overpower and dominate. NO, a man as a partner is definitely not like a woman, a wife. It might have saved us some very close calls and difficult days. We had planned to marry but death took him from me suddenly. I often wonder how we would have fared as life partners, husbands. I want to believe that our profound and deep love and spiritual bond, would have sustained our love, preserved our relationship, and enabled us to weather the emotional storms of a gay relationshiIp.

On January 02, 15 at 4: Good tips but I think at 70 some of these tips need revision to work for couples together 50 yrs or so. We are happy but I feel like these ideas are a bit generic. Older years bring new issues. We have boundaries in the relationship. Love is a two way street. Great communication, passion, respect, sharing interests and intimacy combine to make a wonderful relationship. I was living a straight life and always knew.

I met my boyfriend and partner who is the sweetest man and we follow much of this advice. It is a wonderful life.

6 Ways to Keep Your Gay Relationship Successful

Your choice of either "How to Find Your Mr. Right" for singles or "Partners In Life" for couples. He was always prompt, professional, resourceful, practical, and caring. Charles , Coaching Client Omaha, Nebraska. View Results. Portions of this website contain information of a sexual nature and may discuss and display sexual material and content for educational and self-help purposes. This site is intended for an adult audience of persons over the age of 18 only. All others are prohibited.

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Relationship Success Tips 1. The tips have helped my partner and I improve our relationship greatly. Awesome tips. On January 30, 15 at 1: On November 18, 16 at 3: