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Does Everybody Have A Gay Gene?

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Posting comment He used a photo of Max photoshopped with text saying he was gay and posted it underneath family photos on Facebook. He was true to his word: Max found out about the posters before going to a party and asked a friend for help. Soon afterward, his friends joined forces and walked through the city together to take them down, some of them searching for the alleged perpetrator around the block. Dozens of classmates and friends showed up to help him, Max recalled.

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But that particular incident also led to a more sinister realization. You should die. A Facebook screenshot of the obituary notice: Student Max.

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In love and gratitude. BuzzFeed News has therefore compared the information he shared with his family members and friends, looked at dozens of screenshots, and contacted the relevant authorities. Several people involved in the case have told BuzzFeed News that the alleged perpetrator threatened to set off a bomb in a supermarket. However, after a few hours in custody, he was reportedly released. But the details of the various statements differ, and no official authority is able or willing to confirm them. BuzzFeed News has obtained the lengthy list of accusations on the charge sheet of the Bremen Municipal Court against the suspect.

She also became a target of the attacks. The alleged perpetrator used a fake Facebook profile to spread misinformation about her, saying she has breast cancer. According to Max, threats were also made against his sister.

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The calls, messages, and cases of fraud took a toll on the entire family. Eventually she stopped answering the phone at all. Even now she feels exhausted from that time; she has insomnia and avoids crowds. What really worries her is that the suspect is still free. Max, however, continued to be active on Facebook throughout , in order to document what happened to him and those around him.

He wanted to find a solution on his own, and he wanted to protect the people around him from being harassed. But who was protecting Max? Other days, he sent dozens of messages. In spring , shortly after the incident with the posters, it all got to be too much for Max. He finally decided to report what was happening to him.

One Man Is Allegedly Targeting Gay German Teenagers In A Sweeping Harassment Campaign

Max took several trips to a police station in downtown Bremen, an imposing building of large, sand-colored stone blocks. Max remembered having been to the station about three times. He said he was never contacted afterward. Instead, he remembered that the police told him to try going on Facebook less often or to not take what was happening to him too personally. Around May he received a phone call: The police were going to stop investigating his case — with no explanation why. Max described dealing with Facebook as similarly frustrating.

The company announced that it had deleted 1.

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But the alleged perpetrator was undeterred; he just kept creating new profiles over and over again. According to criminal statistics , there were almost 20, stalking victims in Germany in There are very few counseling centers, but [there are] a lot of people who need them, especially young people. Max said that on multiple occasions, he gave his number to people whom he met there or was in touch with. The local LGBT and counseling experts BuzzFeed News spoke with were already familiar with the case, thanks to earlier media and police reports.

To avoid jeopardizing the ongoing investigation and putting the victims in distress again, BuzzFeed News did not confront him. This boils down to the desire to destroy them all. Wolfram Franke looked out the window for a long time, fiddling with his ring, saying nothing. Max went to see him dozens of times in his office at the end of the hall. The two trust each other. When Max visited the officer for the first time in several months earlier this year, Franke hugged him. Sometimes he sees this man walk by the police office window with a smile on his face. Not even Franke knows when the proceedings will finally begin.

Others would have been broken by all of this. Franke said that no matter how how personally affected he is by the case, in the end, his reports on Max will just be another part of a long paper trail. According to information obtained by BuzzFeed News, the alleged perpetrator was arrested by police in July after making a bomb threat.