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This is so awkward! What was it like working in that mode? But his version of improv is however you make it feel real to you. We shot almost everything on location in San Francisco — we just had to roll with it, and that all completely started with Andrew and definitely challenged all of us on the show to push ourselves and trust each other and trust that we could be real and not have to push the acting, just talk to each other.

HBO’s “Looking,” Marriage, and the New Gay Sadness | The New Yorker

Which can be really scary, because you want to feel like you can prepare and hold onto things. He forced us all to let it go, which was great.

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Have you already run into or are you expecting any of that when it comes to this show? What was it like to reunite with Ryan Murphy in this different mode and context?

It was incredible, I would have worked as part of the crew of that movie, I was such a fan of the play. Loyalty is so rare in this world, and he is that way with his crew and his actors and his directors, so I felt really lucky that he asked me to be a part of that. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news!

“Looking,” Marriage, and the New Gay Sadness

Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. This Article is related to: Back to IndieWire. Alison Willmore Jan 16, He doesn't feel that being gay, or playing a gay role, will be a hindrance in finding new roles to play. I did Broadway musicals, and I did 'Glee. It's universal: Uou have to be prepared for the challenge to prove yourself.

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Viewers will also meet Patrick's friends, each of whom has his own issues to deal with. One of the strongest of the series' early storylines involves Dom Murray Bartlett , who agrees to meet his ex for coffee.

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It's their first contact in eight years. The now-wealthy ex, to whom Dom lent a great deal of money, wants Dom back. Dom wants his money back. MIA from Looking are the lesbian and trans communities, at least in the first four episodes that were made available to the B.

Granted, this is a show about gay men, but the women and trans communities are highly visible in San Francisco.

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Their complete absence in "Looking" seems odd. But "Looking" is fast-paced and often quite funny. At times it will feel so familiar it may embarrass some viewers.

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It's a slice of real life as gay men live it in the City by the Bay. Groff said that he thoroughly enjoyed shooting the eight half-hour episodes that comprise Looking's freshman year. He hopes viewers will tune in so that he can return as Patrick. In the meantime?

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  • Jonathan Groff is Happy to be ’Looking’.

Look for 'Looking' on Sun. Episodes will also be available online and On Demand.